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A&O is proud to support the work of the HD Radio Broadcast Marketing Group in developing the HD Radio Playbook.

From project work to full service consulting, Albright & O'Malley & Brenner Consulting customizes its services to match your needs. Most stations opt for Full Service because it is so inclusive and affordable...

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Full Service

Market Monitor



Country Hits and Classics

Full Service

Unlimited fresh ideas! Full Telephone access with no long distance charges billed back.

Quarterly market visits with written evaluation of your station and the competition including brand, talent, music, imaging, opportunities and more, plus action plan.

Weekly fixed-time appointment with your Programming Staff.

Weekly music research and rotation recommendations.

Regular air-check evaluations.

Quarterly gold research.

Imaging and liner writing.

Monthly promotion newsletter for sales and programming.

Daily show prep - two sources.

In-house research at cost including perceptual studies, auditorium tests, focus groups, diary reviews.

Expert music scheduling software advice.

24/7 access to Becky, Mike and Jaye's best thinking using our Clients Only materials.

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Market Monitor

Two and a half day in-market visit includes:

A complete evaluation of the competitive environment

Strengths and weaknesses

Best opportunities

Branding, positioning, imaging, marketing

Morning show comparisons

Programming staff evaluation and more

Concludes with strategy session and creation of an action plan.

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Tap Mike's years of experience in station Quantitative and Qualitative Research and Diary Research. He regularly conducts Music Tests, Perceptual Studies, Focus Groups and Diary Reviews. His background includes serving as National Research Director for a major chain in the mid-80s. He also holds a graduate degree in MassCom with an emphasis on statistical research.

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Some of the most desired benefits Full Service clients receive are available for unrated markets and a special price.
Call for information.

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Country Hits & Classics

Turn-key or live - the unique country gold format that comes complete with jingles, library, slogan-marked logos and art work and more.

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Benefits of Working with Albright & O'Malley & Brenner Consulting
Build Your Brand and Stationality

Increase Your Ratings

Evaluate Your Competitive Environment and Exploit Your Best Opportunities

Fine-Tune Or Create New Programming Strategies

Grow Your Staff With PD Mentoring and Talent/Morning Show Coaching

Get Plenty Of Fresh, New Ideas For Your Station
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