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What's New:

A&O&B is grateful that readers voted our Becky Brenner as one of the 31 highest ranked influential executives who currently sit at the intersection of radio and records.

For this year’s ranker – as voted by CA readers – the men and women with the “most influence over airplay decisions” were asked to address their teenage selves.

With apologies to Brad Paisley, here is Becky’s “letter to me, proving that even as a teen she was giving and living great advice:”

Programming E-Book

(click to download): Becky, Mike and Jaye relish explaining our philosophies and training your team. So, this document wasn't created to replace personal contact. However, A&O&B strategies and tactics today have been formed thanks to the influence and guidence of many clients, former employers and others we greatly admire.  This 163 page resource contains forms, formulas, tactics, memos, articles encompassing three decades of broadcast experience. It is a pdf that is almost 50 mb in size and has been put in this form for A&O&B client use as a training tool and idea resource.  You may want to print the entire pdf out to save on your shelf, but our advice is to consider the enviroment and read it on your computer or PDA, printing out only pages or sections as needed.

Plan Now To Have A Strong Year
There's ALWAYS 'the next book' just around the corner.  Are you ready?  Be certain by using our complete PRE-BOOK CHECKLIST (pdf)

, use these techniques to do a thorough review of what happened and why.

Here's a client only qualitative profile on country radio listeners, perfect for sales (pdf).

How satisfied are your listeners with the current state of country radio?  Albright & O'Malley tracks and trends key perceptual and behavioral metrics annually. If you'd like a free quick look at two "A&O&B Roadmap" highlights, click on Satisfaction and Switchability


For Country Radio Holidays Are An Opportunity to Connect

5 Ways McDonald's Can Help You Raise the Bar


Maintaining Listener Loyalty

Building Buzz


Buzz-building (Step #2)

Drillin' It Down


Passion, Persuasion & Persistence

We Are Bad Asks

Are You A Radio "Iron Chef"?

Community Feeds The Soul; Radio has the unique opportunity

RoleModels & Path Pavers

Mass Relevance: Illusive but Powerful

You Can and You Must
If you work in Country radio, you absolutely must review Becky Brenner's country-specific recap of Jacobs Media’s Techsurvey9; especially if you are a Brand Manager, On-air Personality, Promotion Director or Digital Creative Director.   The findings will not shock you but they will certainly reaffirm what we veterans have known for a long time; Country is a mainstream format with passionate and engaged listeners, who are just as tech savvy as any other format. 

"Canadian Country Radio Gets A Green Light" (pdf) - A&O&B's recap of Roadmap stats specifically with an eye on Canadian listener opinions, reprinted from the April 2012 issue of Broadcast Dialogue.

Albright & O'Malley Pre-CRS Client Seminar Presentations:

The Media Audit's Country Qualitative update    

A&O's national country perceptual study overview and take-aways

A&O Country Roadmap: 21.3% Of Country Listener Homes Have Only Cell Phones

Nielsen BDS operations consultant Andrew Forsyth's A&O Pre-CRS Client Seminer presentation (pdf) on differentiating your station based on music in a highly-duplicated format.  (client only login required)

Cliff Dumas and Randy Lane's video presentations from A&O's Pre-CRS seminar on using two words - "what else?" in three applications (client only logins required)




Jaye Albright on why "PPM data makes a lot of sense"
Radio Ink speaks with Jaye Albright about Arbitron's PPM device.

Country Leads
Click to download a pdf of Albright & O'Malley's "Country 2011" report, for the 2/7/11 edition of RadioInk Magazine.

Jaye quoted in the trades: "What's In It For The Listener?" in Country Aircheck's "Interview" (pdf), Media Life's update on country radio today and profiled in Celebrity Access


Five Formulae For Success

We don't believe in "formula radio," but we do believe in some radio formulae that will help you achieve optimum ratings. PDF

Jaye Albright on Programming for PPM in (pdf) "The Broadcaster: A Newsletter From CMS Station Brokerage"

What Women Want
How to maintain that right audience balance...

"Looking For An Upswing." Radio Ink's Deborah Parenti asked Jaye Albright and Michael O'Malley to dialog on the state of business

Experimental Marketing
Ideas to increase listener loyalty and commitment.

Ageless Marketing For An Ageless Format
Some explanations as to why Country Radio audience shares, as well as Nashville's retail music share, are growing again.

Are Radio's Research Tools Antiquated?

It's All Bright About Country
Read Mike Kinosian's interview with Jaye Albright from Inside Radio.

Serving Our Two Sets Of Customers
When conflicts between sales and programming occur, the most vexing of them happen because each department is convinced that they are doing the right thing... for IT'S particular "customer." Here's a guide to mediating those disputes .. which are quite often just a natural part of the process of assuring long term radio success in ratings & revenue.

Resolving To Be A Better Programmer
Mike O'Malley's 40 New Year Resolutions for PDs and OMs. (PDF format)

allaboutcountry.com's Bill Hennes asked Jaye Albright for some tips on morning show content preparation.  She was prepared with some excellent examples from a client station.

WATCH: Video of Michael O'Malley's presentation "How To Conduct Your Own Protramming Audit."

True Talent Development (click for the pdf of   A&O's Conclave handout).


Six principles behind the success of one of America's greatest air talents.

Mike O'Malley asks, "If Harry were in radio, how much of us would we see in him?"

The brand is dead, long live the Lovemark.

Introducing the bottom-up approach of having consumers, not corporations, create the advertising.

Researcher Mark Ramsey has a step by step plan for creating BUZZ for your station at CRS-35.  Here's his handout (pdf) on how to build a buzz plan.

Whether your “book” is good or bad, it’s always the best strategy to be the one your local buying community, let alone national and regional buyers, know that they can count on for trustworthy analysis and perspective as ratings come out. Canada’s largest radio company’s research arm, Astral RadioPlus, shows that they understand this as they have been presenting monthly live webinars on PPM data results. Jaye Albright says that it's a good lesson in interpreting your own ratings.

Albright & O'Malley at Canadian Music Week #25, in Toronto:  We were delighted to be a part of the first-ever Promotional Summit.


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Are you more than a 'name' on your airwaves? Mike O'Malley points out the five points of differentiation that separates bland from brand.

KUKN/Longview GM and longtime programmer John Paul: (click to read) "A Dozen Ways To Be a Better Personality"


B-104.7, Syracuse's Amber Taylor's tips and hints to make you a voice tracking star, plus A&O forms for all air personalities, to help hone and critique your work.  Would you like to hear if Amber practices what she preaches?  CLICK to hear a couple minutes (scoped mp3) of her.

"180 Ideas in 90 Minutes"
This is always rated one of the hottest sessions at CRS, and this year's was no exception.  26 pages of ideas you can put on the air now.. single spaced...(in fact, actually) MORE than 180! You will want to right click and 'save as' to download THIS Word doc.

"Ten Mistakes Even The Best PD's Make"
by Jaye Albright and Michael O'Malley
click to download the microsoft word document

Targeting Cohorts
Get the values between the songs wrong...and it doesn't matter if everything else is right!
click to download the microsoft word document

Morning Show Tips from our friends...
AM Show Hints

Mike wonders if you're attracting and holding your audience.  How's Your Station's "Benefits Department?"

Jaye's CRS Endorsement

Jaye on E-Marketing
Has Radio's One To One Future Arrived?

Mike's Do It Yourself Programming Audit

ARB People Meter:
Everything You Need To Know And More
(2002 report Jaye wrote for McVay Media, but still timely info)

Remotes: Make Some Friends AND Some Money

Theme Weekends: Have Fun, Make MoneY

Afternoon Email Update Sample (from WCBS 880)


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