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A&O is proud to support the work of the HD Radio Broadcast Marketing Group in developing the HD Radio Playbook.
Albright & O'Malley Presentations

The Country Format Overview at ARB Programming Fly-In

A&O is so proud of Michael O'Malley, who presented the country format overview as a part of the ARB programming fly-in a few years ago, Baltimore.

First, a bit of background:ppm report

OK, now you're up to date and ready to see Mike's video presentation:


mike omalley video

Click to watch Mike's Video Presentation (no password necessary!)...

"Country music needs to keep being what it is, confidently and assertively, while broadening its performer demographics and targeting Millennials by aiming where they’re going, not where Gen X has been." -- Generational historian the late William Strauss, author of nine books, including "The 4th Turning" and "Millenials Rising" from his very optimistic presentation on the future of country music among young people at CRS-34. See his entire presentation.  (another 4 megabyte file, but worth the download time)

Jaye's NAB Presentation
Millenials Rising
(Power Point Show File)

What Women Want
Mike's Analysis of the new Arbitron/Joint Communications study of country female diarykeepers.
Download the country study
(PDF File)
Download the full study
(PDF File)

Researcher Mark Ramsey has a step by step plan for creating BUZZ for your station at CRS-35.  Here's his handout (pdf) on how to build a buzz plan.

Whether your “book” is good or bad, it’s always the best strategy to be the one your local buying community, let alone national and regional buyers, know that they can count on for trustworthy analysis and perspective as ratings come out. Canada’s largest radio company’s research arm, Astral RadioPlus, shows that they understand this as they have been presenting monthly live webinars on PPM data results. Jaye Albright says that it's a good lesson in interpreting your own ratings.

The brand is dead, long live the Lovemark.

Introducing the bottom-up approach of having consumers, not corporations, create the advertising.
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